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[texts]John Cayley HyperCard Literature Collection - Cayley, John
The HyperCard works of John Cayley, e-literature author. Note that these works require MacOS 8.x and HyperCard Player 2.x to run.
Keywords: literature; hypercard
Downloads: 88
An introduction to Apple's Hypercard. Guests include Apple Fellow and Hypercard creator Bill Atkinson, Hypercard senior engineer Dan Winkler, author of "The Complete Hypercard Handbook" Danny Goodman, and Robert Stein, Publisher of Voyager Company. Demonstrations include Hypercard 1.0, Complete Car Cost Guide, Focal Point, Laserstacks, and National Galllery of Art. Originally broadcast in 1987. Copyright 1987 Stewart Cheifet Productions.
Keywords: hypercard; apple; bill atkinson
Downloads: 39,973 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[texts]Open Apple-Vol 7 No 02-MAR 1991
Open Apple-Vol 7 No 02-MAR 1991
Keywords: hypercard; apple; program; ibm; ilgs; llgs; hypertalk; mac; computer; text; hypercard iigs; main program; word processor; programming language; object oriented; hypercard llgs; hypercard ilgs; clock speed; apple lie; video display
Downloads: 25
[texts]InCider A+ 0291
InCider A+ 0291
Keywords: hypercard; apple; hypertalk; mac; hyperstudio; button; computes; stack; stacks; hypercard lies; card field; false set; sound capabilities; mouseup set; menu bar; programming language; midi music; mac hypercard; hypercard ligs
Downloads: 39
One of the precursors of hypertext and hyperlinks was Hypercard, originally introduced by Apple in 1987. This program looks at the status of Hypercard applications including Hypercomposer, Take One, Culture 1.0, Mission: The Moon, SuperCard, and CAMEO. Guests include Apple Fellow and Hypercard creator Bill Atkinson. Originally broadcast in 1990.
Keywords: Episode Year: 1990; Television Programs; Computers: History; Hypertext; Hypercard; Apple
Downloads: 3,595 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
Apple's Hypercard 2.0 brought new sophistication to the concept of hypertext, and laid the groundwork for the powerful Internet concept of hyperlinks. This program looks at new hypertext based applications including Hypercard 2.0, Hyperties 3.0, Spinnaker's PLUS 2.0, and Guide 3.0. Originally broadcast in 1990.
Keywords: Episode Year: 1990; Television Programs; Computers: History; Hypertext; Hypercard; Apple
Downloads: 2,986 2.00 out of 5 stars2.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[texts]Open Apple-Vol 7 No 03-APR 1991
Open Apple-Vol 7 No 03-APR 1991
Keywords: apple; ilgs; hypercard; software; disk; appleworks; program; users; scsi; ligs; hard disk; system software; hypercard ilgs; control characters; apple user; user group; power supplies; ilgs version; hypercard ugs; hard drive
Downloads: 35
Keywords: shoebox; hypercard; hgs; button; stack; click; extenstacks; iigs; apple; module; apple hgs; hypercard hgs; hypercard iigs; command key; shoebox icon; hills software; apple iigs; shoebox basics; command bar; shoebox modules
Downloads: 34
[texts]HyperCard GS Technical Notes alt
HyperCard GS Technical Notes alt
Keywords: hypercard; ilgs; cbeep; technical; iigs; apple; xcmd; script; sampled; offset; hypercard ilgs; script language; language guide; technical note; hypercard iigs; card field; technical notes; technical support; sampled sounds; ilgs technical
Downloads: 53
[texts]Apple Tech Notes: HCGS 2523001 Script Language Guide
Apple Tech Notes: HCGS 2523001 Script Language Guide
Keywords: ilgs; hypercard; cbeep; xcmd; xcmds; script; beepcount; callback; apple; technical; script language; hypercard ilgs; language guide; technical note; entry point; technical notes; pascal void; ilgs technical; ilgs script
Downloads: 34
[texts]Apple Tech Notes: HCGS 2523003 Pitching Sounds
Apple Tech Notes: HCGS 2523003 Pitching Sounds
Keywords: hypercard; offset; sampled; pitch; ilgs; tuning; field; technical; sample; card field; sampled sounds; tuning sampled; hypercard ilgs; technical notes; technical note; field offset
Downloads: 24
[audio]Satellite Rain - Hypercard 0 (red dye n07) - Satellite Rain
red dye n07 all tracks w/p by Satoru Tanaka / 2010/2011 artwork by Axs
Keywords: Satellite; Rain; Hypercard; Zero; ep; electronic; experimental; ambient; red dye; release; seven
Downloads: 252
[texts]816-central 1991 01
816-central 1991 01
Keywords: hyperstudio; apple; llgs; wagner; online; applefest; hypercard; ilgs; sssi; includes; stick people
Downloads: 25
[movies]LiveCode by RunRev - Open Source Programming for All - 2013-02-08 - RunRev Ltd.
LiveCode lets you create an app for your smartphone, tablet, desktop computer or server, whether you are a programmer or not. We are excited to bring you this Kickstarter project to create a brand new edition of our award-winning software creation platform. LiveCode has been available as a proprietary platform for over a decade. Now with your support we can make it open and available to everyone. With your help, we will re-engineer the platform to make it suitable for open source development wit...
Keywords: livecode; hypercard; runrev; kickstarter; development; multi-platform; android; GNU/Linux; Windows; iOS; mobile; cross-platform
Downloads: 593
[texts]Apple HyperCard IIgs - Getting Started HiRes
Apple HyperCard IIgs - Getting Started HiRes
Keywords: hypercard; stack; click; button; stacks; chapter; choose; field; tool; browse tool; message box; hypercard ilgs; open stack; info dialog; user preferences; dialog box; button tool; tools menu; arrow button
Downloads: 44
[texts]Shareware Solutions II - Volume 2 Issue 4 (1995-07)(Kohn, Joe)(US)
Shareware Solutions II - Volume 2 Issue 4 (1995-07)(Kohn, Joe)(US)
Keywords: hypercard; stack; shareware; apple; solutions; issue; iigs; appleworks; color; disk; shareware solutions; hypercard stacks; bit mapped; iigs bit; mary ann; mapped font; machine spits; font named; clip art; trix includes
Downloads: 57
[texts]Open Apple-Vol 8 No 03-APR 1992
Open Apple-Vol 8 No 03-APR 1992
Keywords: apple; simplescript; llgs; hyperstudio; script; color; ligs; hypercard; dialog; software; master control; apple llgs; apple ligs; hypercard llgs; border color; apple ilgs; scsi card; medical software; infrared sensors; high sierra
Downloads: 25
[texts]Apple HyperCard IIgs - Getting Started
Apple HyperCard IIgs - Getting Started
Keywords: hypercard; stack; click; button; stacks; chapter; choose; field; background; browse tool; message box; open stack; info dialog; hypercard ilgs; dialog box; button tool; tools menu; arrow button; user preferences
Downloads: 68
[texts]The Complete HyperCard Handbook
The Complete HyperCard Handbook
Keywords: hypercard; field; stack; button; text; message; script; command; background; message box; dialog box; authoring environment; browse tool; info dialog; shift key; programming environment; mouse button; hypercard stack; text field
Downloads: 540
[texts]Apple HyperCard IIgs Reference HiRes
Apple HyperCard IIgs Reference HiRes
Keywords: button; stack; background; text; field; dialog; click; hypercard; chapter; dialog box; card layer; color set; info dialog; button tool; user level; field tool; hypercard stacks; browse tool; modifying stacks
Downloads: 93
[texts]Apple Printer: Update to ImageWrite LQ Owner's Guide
Apple Printer: Update to ImageWrite LQ Owner's Guide
Keywords: imagewriter; switch; guide; paper; separator; feeder; font; hypercard; foldout; disk; sheet feeder; dip switch; cut sheet; paper separator
Downloads: 24
[texts]InCider A+ 0792
InCider A+ 0792
Keywords: system; control; finder; disk; panel; apple; click; hypercard; installer; synthlab; control panel; media control; control panels; daylight savings
Downloads: 37
[texts]InCider A+ 0989
InCider A+ 0989
Keywords: hyperstudio; apple; hypermedia; interactive; software; create; stack; hypercard; multimedia; incider september; video overlay; roger wagner; overlay card; cover story
Downloads: 33
[texts]InCider A+ 1991-02
InCider A+ 1991-02
Keywords: apple; software; appleworks; hypercard; mac; disk; color; laser; scsi; hard drive; applied engineering; scsi card; apple iigs; system software; print shop; disk drive; apple ilgs; social security
Downloads: 214
[texts]InCider A+ 1991-05
InCider A+ 1991-05
Keywords: apple; software; appleworks; hypercard; disk; drive; mac; laser; macintosh; program; hard drive; applied engineering; print shop; apple iigs; power supply; hard disk; disk drive; hit return; assembly language
Downloads: 131
[texts]Hyper Card Power
Hyper Card Power
Keywords: hypercard; stack; text; button; field; background; script; click; stacks; paint text; dialog box; message box; browse tool; button tool; paint tools; edit menu; file edit; field tool; current card
Downloads: 131
[texts]Open Apple-Vol 7 No 05-JUN 1991
Open Apple-Vol 7 No 05-JUN 1991
Keywords: apple; disk; user; file; ilgs; appleworks; hypercard; formats; program; data; user disk; card field; system software; standard file; applied engineering; user group; start year; read block; file formats; file format
Downloads: 37
[texts]Open Apple-Vol 6 No 12-JAN 1991
Open Apple-Vol 6 No 12-JAN 1991
Keywords: apple; trackstar; disk; mac; llgs; program; roger; software; ligs; hypercard; roger wagner; print shop; zip chip; system software; scsi card; ramfast scsi; paint program; game port; business unit; applied engineering
Downloads: 27
[texts]Apple2000 Vol 3 No 1 February 1988
Apple2000 Vol 3 No 1 February 1988
Keywords: apple; macintosh; mac; software; user; program; laserwriter; disk; hypercard; file; group contact; user group; executive office; control panel; background button; apple users; beagle brothers; word processor; apple user; apple iigs
Downloads: 298
[texts]Apple HyperTalk Beginner's Guide
Apple HyperTalk Beginner's Guide
Keywords: script; hypercard; button; field; click; stack; message; handler; hypertalk; message box; dialog box; script editor; info dialog; card field; background field; handling messages; collection stack; credits field; user level
Downloads: 92
[texts]Apple2000 Vol 6 No 5 October 1991
Apple2000 Vol 6 No 5 October 1991
Keywords: apple; disk; mac; macintosh; hypercard; program; software; filemaker; user; claris; filemaker pro; sensible grammar; hard disk; word processor; claris resolve; ewen wannop; disk drive; operating system; japanese art; cookie cutter
Downloads: 289
[texts]Apple 2000 - Vol 3 No. 1 (1988-02)(BASUG)(GB)
Apple 2000 - Vol 3 No. 1 (1988-02)(BASUG)(GB)
Keywords: apple; macintosh; mac; software; user; program; laserwriter; disk; hypercard; file; group contact; user group; executive office; control panel; background button; apple users; tom wright; beagle brothers; apple iigs; word processor
Downloads: 752
[texts]Apple 2000 - Vol 6 No. 5 (1991-10)(BASUG)(GB)
Apple 2000 - Vol 6 No. 5 (1991-10)(BASUG)(GB)
Keywords: apple; disk; mac; hypercard; macintosh; program; software; filemaker; claris; prodos; filemaker pro; sensible grammar; word processor; hard disk; claris resolve; ewen wannop; apple iigs; disk drive; japanese art; operating system
Downloads: 705
[texts]Apple2000 Vol 6 No 2 April 1991
Apple2000 Vol 6 No 2 April 1991
Keywords: apple; macintosh; software; disk; inbox; hypercard; mac; file; files; scsi; hard disk; hard disc; apple iigs; electronic arts; group contact; message center; text file; apple computer; accolade accolade; norton utilities
Downloads: 135
[texts]Apple 2000 - Vol 6 No. 2 (1991-04)(BASUG)(GB)
Apple 2000 - Vol 6 No. 2 (1991-04)(BASUG)(GB)
Keywords: apple; macintosh; software; disk; hypercard; inbox; file; mac; scsi; files; hard disc; hard disk; accolade accolade; apple iigs; electronic arts; text file; message center; unicom unicom; norton utilities; orange cherry
Downloads: 322
[texts]Open Apple Index-Vol 7
Open Apple Index-Vol 7
Keywords: apple; software; compatability; transwarp; hypercard; applied; ligs; appleworks; zipchip; wagner; apple lie; apple ligs; technical note; software address; script language; reference manual; lie card; language guide; double high; dma compatability
Downloads: 28
[texts]Apple HyperCard IIgs Reference
Apple HyperCard IIgs Reference
Keywords: stack; button; background; field; dialog; text; click; hypercard; die; dialog box; color set; card layer; info dialog; user level; button tool; field tool; browse tool; current card; background layer
Downloads: 347
[unknown]Usenet groups within comp.sys from
Usenet newsgroups within "comp.sys", contributed courtesy of These captures omit most binary posts.
Keywords:; comp.sys.hardware.ibmpc; comp.sys.ridge; comp.sys.mac.system.osx86; comp.sys.atari; comp.sys.sgi.apps; comp.sys.newton.marketplace; comp.sys.concurrent;; comp.sys.powerpc.misc;; comp.sys.atari.announce; comp.sys.mac.oop.macapp3; comp.sys.amiga.networking; comp.sys.newton.misc;; comp.sys.computers.marketplace; comp.sys.apple2.marketplace; comp.sys.acorn.announce; comp.sys.mac.oop.misc; comp.sys.mac.vintage; comp.sys.atari.8bit; comp.sys.sun.announce;; comp.sys.super; comp.sys.arm;; comp.sys.mac.programmer.misc; comp.sys.laptops.thinkpad;; comp.sys.apple2;;;; comp.sys.acorn.hardware; comp.sys.amiga.emulations; comp.sys.atari.advocacy;; comp.sys.mac.hypercard; comp.sys.tandem; comp.sys.hp48; comp.sys.palmtops.pilot;;; comp.sys.att;;;; comp.sys.hp.mpe; comp.sys.mac.programmer.codewarrior; comp.sys.sgi.bugs;; comp.sys.zenith.z1; comp.sys.msx;; comp.sys.lang.c++;; comp.sys.mac.oop; comp.sys.tandy; comp.sys.amiga.programmer;; comp.sys.sgi.hardware;;; comp.sys.apple2.programmer; comp.sys.palmtops;; comp.sys.amiga.advocacy; comp.sys.mac.programmers; comp.sys.oric;;;; comp.sys.mac.programmer;; comp.sys.mac.databases; comp.sys.m68k;; comp.sys.amiga.marketplace;;; comp.sys.hp.hpux; comp.sys.amiga.misc; comp.sys.win31;;; comp.sys.misc;;;; comp.sys.laptop; comp.sys.mac.oop.tcl; comp.sys.psion.programmer;;;;;; comp.sys.proteon; comp.sys.psion; comp.sys.zenith.z100000;;; comp.sys.aix;; comp.sys.convex; comp.sys.pilot;;;;;;;;; comp.sys.mac.system; comp.sys.raspberry-pi; comp.sys.mac;; comp.sys.commodore64; comp.sys.amiga.cd32;; comp.sys.m68;; comp.sys.zenith.z100; comp.sys.pyramid; comp.sys.pen; comp.sys.amiga.hardware; comp.sys.powerpc.advocacy;;; comp.sys.apple2.usergroups; comp.sys.amiga.datacom; comp.sys.dec.micro; comp.sys.unix.questions; comp.sys.mac.appletalk; comp.sys.laptops; comp.sys.acorn.networking;; comp.sys.amiga.marketpl; comp.sys.mac.powerpc;; comp.sys.powerpc; comp.sys.amiga.applications; comp.sys.psion.marketplace; comp.sys.northstar; comp.sys.amiga.datacomm;;; comp.sys.hp28;;;; comp.sys.hp.apps; comp.sys.acorn;;; comp.sys.macintosh; comp.sys.dec; comp.sys.mac.announce;; comp.sys.mac.hardwarecomp.sys.mac.comm; comp.sys.sun.wanted; comp.sys.sequent; comp.sys.zenith; comp.sys.commodore64.marketplace;; comp.sys.amiga; comp.sys.os2;; comp.sys.sun.apps; comp.sys.mac.programming; comp.sys.ns486; comp.sys.sun.admin; comp.sys.workstations;; comp.sys.hp.hardware; comp.sys.mac.digest; comp.sys.ti.explorer;;; comp.sys.mips;;;; comp.sys.transputer; comp.sys.wearables;;;;;; comp.sys.mac.general; comp.sys.newton.programmer;; comp.sys.amiga.marketeplace; comp.sys.amiga.emulation; comp.sys.amiga.pirate; comp.sys.win95;; comp.sys.mac.wanted; comp.sys.newton.announce; comp.sys.isis; comp.sys.sun.misc; comp.sys.sgi.admin; comp.sys.cbm;; comp.sys.mac.hardwarepowerbook; comp.sys.m68k.pc;; comp.sys.psion.announce;; comp.sys.newton; comp.sys.acorn.extra-cpu; comp.sys.pens; comp.sys.amiga.uucp; comp.sys.ncr; comp.sys.matlab; comp.sys.mac.programming.codewarrior; comp.sys.sun.hardware.ctl; comp.sys.alliant;; comp.sys.acorn.misc;;;;; comp.sys.mac.advocacy; comp.sys.mac.scitech; comp.sys.celerity;;; comp.sys.amiga.announce;;;; comp.sys.apple2.gno; comp.sys.amiga.telecomm; comp.sys.amstrad.8bit; comp.sys.amiga.unix; comp.sys.hp.misc; comp.sys.atari.programmer; comp.sys.cdc;;; comp.sys.nsc.32k; comp.sys.amstrad;;;; comp.sys.psion.comm; comp.sys.hp; comp.sys.mac.printing; comp.sys.mac.portables; comp.sys.mac.programmers.misc; comp.sys.encore;; comp.sys.mac.hardwarecomp.sys.mac.misc;;; comp.sys.dcom.xdsl;;; comp.sys.hp48.d; comp.sys.sun.hardware
Downloads: 376
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